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Elevate #27 Cultivate Teachable Moments

One of my earliest mentors, Ted Rogers, taught me how he handles mistakes that employees make.  He called it a TPOV.  I repeated it back so I was sure to get it right and sure enough he actually said, TPOV.  He then explained that a TPOV is a teachable point of view. ...

Elevate #28 Reinforce Re-entry

How many of you woke up to a new day today? How many of you brought yesterday with you?  Now, you may have brought it in your mind, and that would be your inward environment,  but you certainly did not bring it with you physically. No, you woke up to the...

Elevate #25 Lead On Levels

Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.  Leaders not only read what others have to say in books, but they read what their people are saying every day.  Just as there are levels of success that we can all rise to, there are levels that we as...

Elevate #26 Promote Imperfet Action

Allison Liddle, in her book, "The Art of Imperfect Action, All Success Comes from Daring to Begin" teaches us that life isn't perfect so there really is no such thing as perfect action. There is only imperfect action that renders a result where we can fine tune our...
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About Me

I am the author of the Amazon best seller “Becoming A Highly Defined Leader.” I am an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team and have travelled internationally with John C. Maxwell training leaders. I am passionate about increasing the impact a company has on its employees, owners and community .  My giftedness is in bringing clarity, greater connections and confidence to those I serve.

The Maxwell Method

  High Definition Coaching uses the Maxwell Method of Speaking, Sales, Coaching, and Leadership to bring a full service consultative approach to your business development.  Your ability to communicate effectively will improve your connections and empower your team.  Imagine applying the understanding of human behavior to your sales approach.  When your sales team has greater clarity, they will be able to increase the clarity for your customers and close more deals.  When your management learns the skillset of coaching and your leaders apply the laws of leadership, employee confidence will rise through the stratosphere.  Internal confidence ignites confidence in the marketplace.


“Gary is almost like having a business psychologist, I highly recommend him” – Ric Holt, EVP Commercial Sales and Realty, Resort Collection

“Gary White is an exceptional coach and friend. His superpowers include helping you find clarity, reframing limiting beliefs, and helping you see a positive way forward. I’m beyond grateful for how he uses his gifts to up-level my beliefs and helps me build a bigger future for myself and the people I serve.”

-Allison Liddle, Allison Liddle Consulting, Prosper Wealth Management

 “Thank you for taking the time to invest in our leadership team. Working with you is always collaborative and inspiring.” –  Esmerelda Lee, COO/EVP Century Park

“Our Coach, Gary White, has been an incredible asset to our team.  He challenges
our critical thinking skills. He helps us identify our areas of strengths, while
keeping us focused on managing the areas that we need to cultivate further. His
ability to ask just the right questions has been instrumental in helping us grow to
discover the right path, not simply telling us what to do. His excellent mentorship
has given us a foundation to move forward.” – Debbie Melton,  Owner/Dealer
Don Ledford Automotive Center

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