How many of you woke up to a new day today? How many of you brought yesterday with you?  Now, you may have brought it in your mind, and that would be your inward environment,  but you certainly did not bring it with you physically. No, you woke up to the next day of the week, the next number on the calendar. I can remember asking someone at work how they were doing and they would say, “Same problems different day.” They were certainly more focused on their inward environment than they were their outward because our conditions and circumstances change. By law, they change. The law of rhythm teaches us that to everything there is a season and by the way, Solomon said that before anyone gave the law of rhythm its name. 

So, if to everything there is a season, then our outward conditions and circumstances will swing one way and then another. When the tide swings away from us, we discover solutions that we only found because there was a problem. In other words,  we would.have never searched for an answer without a question. 

Our outward environment changes and we don’t control that, but we do have full control of our inward environment. This means that when the door of opportunity swings away from us, we build another door, as the great Milton Berle said. You see reinforcing re-entry is all about being a thermostat for your inward environment. It’s all about deciding, literally deciding to get back in the game and empowering your internal environment to produce your conditions and circumstances versus just being a product of your external conditions and circumstances. So, get aggressive, get possessive of your dream, don’t let imperfect action paralyze you, empower it to catapult you to re-enter.  Re-enter into the clarity of learning, re-enter into the confidence of improving and increase the connections within your organization by reinforcing re-entry.