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eq 2.0 and communication:

There is a recognized link between improved workplace communication and high emotional intelligence.

Raising your EQ will empower you to become a high-performing leader!

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Effective Communication

Effective communication serves the other person.  The original meaning of the word “effective” is accomplish.  Other definitions are to produce a desired result and to make fit for service.  When our communication helps others accomplish success, it is then that our communication becomes effective.  Effective communication is essential for developing leadership skills, enhancing emotional intelligence, increasing sales, and promoting personal growth, which are all critical components of human potential.

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Rule of 5 for Relationships

“My friend, Gary White, has risen to the top of his profession” – John C. Maxwell


“By far one of the best individuals I have met. He has the incredible servant’s heart. He cares about people growing and being better business people with incredible coaching”

– Steve Ramona Steve Ramona Connector/Partnerships -Top Podcast/TV Host- Keynote Speaker

“Gary White is an exceptional coach and friend. His superpowers include helping you find clarity, reframing limiting beliefs, and helping you see a positive way forward. I’m beyond grateful for how he uses his gifts to up-level my beliefs and helps me build a bigger future for myself and the people I serve.”

-Allison Liddle, Allison Liddle Consulting, Prosper Wealth Management

“We have used Gary’s services as an Executive Management Coach and a Sales Team Trainer. He has fresh ways to present information, is always uber-professional, is funny and engaging, and super effective and on-point with his information. Highly recommend Gary for your staff training and executive coaching needs! “

-Pam Turley, Kirkland Insurance 

“Our Coach, Gary White, has been an incredible asset to our team.  He challenges
our critical thinking skills. He helps us identify our areas of strengths, while
keeping us focused on managing the areas that we need to cultivate further. His
ability to ask just the right questions has been instrumental in helping us grow to
discover the right path, not simply telling us what to do. His excellent mentorship
has given us a foundation to move forward.” – Debbie Melton,  Owner/Dealer
Don Ledford Automotive Center

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So if you’re ready to unlock your true potential and achieve success in all areas of your life, let’s get started! Contact me today to learn more about my coaching services and how I can help you reach your goals through the power of effective communication.